Wednesday, May 14, 2008

This blog was established to serve as a scholarly tool for aggregating information on how new medias affect advertising. Beyond a resource for how advertising has changed, we argue that the type of advertisements most seen have blurred the lines in their message delivery. In earlier times, informational ads were seen as the most popular appeals to persuade consumers. However in later times (post 70s) there was a switch in style to a more emotional/conceptual motion. In the end, we argue, these lines are being hybridized into one gateway advertisement over the internet, where users see an initial conceptual (emotional) advertisement, and are then allowed to explore the realm of informational by seeking information through the ad. The creators are a group of students from Cornell University's undergraduate program of Communication. Authors: John Afriyie, Joe D'Angelo, Nick Indovina, and Erica Southerland.

If interested, please post comments, raise questions, and provide your view on this change.

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